Data-Driven Fasting: How to Use your Blood Glucose as a Fuel Gauge

Data-Driven Fasting is a first-of-its-kind, personalized approach to guide your daily eating routine using your internal fuel gauge.  Most popular fasting approaches prescribe a strict one-size-fits-all pattern, like 18:6, 20:4, alternate day or multi-day extended fasting.   Unfortunately, without personalization, people only learn to ignore and push through their hunger, often leading to poorer food choices … Read more

What Lies Have You Been Told About Fasting?

Trending diets that explode on the general consciousness (e.g. intermittent fasting, keto, plant-based diets, carnivore, etc.) are frequently birthed by half-truths and wishful thinking and then nurtured by misinformation as they grow cult-like followings. Everyone knows someone who experienced near-miraculous results by following a particular diet. Converts construct rigid beliefs and rituals around new weight loss systems and … Read more

Why This New “Metabolic Fasting Protocol” Could Make Traditional Fasting Obsolete

A new kind of intermittent fasting that many dieticians and scientists are starting to call “Metabolic Fasting Protocol” is gaining popularity across the world. According to several scientists from New Zealand, this “metabolic fasting protocol” could be up to twice as effective as traditional fasting methods while being up to 10 times more personalized to suit … Read more