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Get in touch with your true hunger signals and start eating more often with clinically proven results.

What is Data Driven Fasting?

It’s a metabolic fasting protocol that designs a personalized fasting and refeeding plan for you based on your body’s metabolic hunger signals instead of just following the clock based on an eating schedule designed for someone else.

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Student Testimonials

“DDF makes so much sense. If you only eat once you are truly hungry, otherwise you keep fasting. It's really hard to believe I haven't found it earlier. How did everybody overlook this?”
Tim K.
“I am prime example of using metabolic fasting. Having fasted consistently for 21-24 hours a day and I slowly gained 7 pounds. No matter what diet I followed. Finally I'm on the right path.”
Ragan L.
“I'm so excited to use my metabolic signals to understand my body and how long I actually need to fast. Traditional fasting made me feel hungry, dizzy, and a dreadful experience.”
Nina K.

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